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Yes, we think our cupcakes are the greatest however we are a little biased so we gathered some customer comments for you to read.

Shame on the Cupcake Station for making the most addictive dessert in Metro Detroit! Im a on/off again cupcake addict going on about 3 years...since the opening. Everytime I think Ive kicked the habit, I drive down Old Woodward and the place taunts me! Next thing I know Im stuffing my face with a Coconut Blitz or a Red Velvet. I cant stop myself and need help!!! ~ BW

I travel from Grand Rapids as often as I can to stop at the Cupcake Station. The other day I tried the Simply Red and I think its the best one Ive had so far (and Ive tried a lot!). Great job Cupcake Station and please keep the Simply Red on your menu! ~ Kate

We have visited Ann Arbor a few times and each time I am able to eat a Michigan Bumpy which I love. Then my sister bought for us the chocolate raspberry and razzle dazzle. All I can say is WOW now I have no idea which one to buy when I come in. Would love to get these shipped to my house. Can you try to make a peanut butter cake with a marshmallow frosting and call it a fluffer nutter cup cake. Thanks for the treats! Wish we had something that could come close in St Louis! ~ St Louis Fan

The bumpy cake cupcake is one of hte best things I have ever eaten. Ive actually had dreams about it at night. They are always fresh and moist and delish! Please never leave Ann Arbor or Ill have to travel to get my cupcake fix.Lifelong eater!- Tiffany ~ Tiffany Dobson

I just discovered these awesome cupcakes! As a vegan you often just keep on walking but something made me check the menu and YES VEGAN CUPCAKES! mmmm the strawberry will keep me coming back over and over - cant wait to discover what other flavors they make for us "others"!!! ~ Amanda

My son was in Ann Arbor two weekends ago for football camp. As my other children and I wandered through the city, we came upon your store. We had a hard time deciding how many to get but went with Red Velet, Cookies and Cream, German Chocolate and Southern Red Velvet. They were the most moist cupcakes I have ever had and the frosting was delicious. Makes me want to run back down for more. ~ Maggie

We added your mini-cupcakes to our sweet table at our wedding and they were a huge hit! People were raving about how flavorful they were. They helped to make our special day even more memorable. Thanks Cupcake Station!  ~ Angela Oliver

samoa cupcake - never get rid of this one. perfectly delectable  ~ joanne haberman

The moment I walked through the doors of The Cupcake Station, I was hit by a cakey, battery, frosty aroma that almost knocked me off of my feet. I was immediately greeted, but there was a line, so I was not serviced right away. The wait did not bother me, because I was too busy looking at the beautiful cupcakes in the display case, the catchy t-shirts for sell, and the fun yet elegant cupcake artwork that hung on the wall. And when it was my turn to order, it was my lucky day. They were having a sell: buy two, get one free. So, I bought two, and got one free of course. Overall, the atmosphere was great, the aroma even better, and the service was excellent. The only downfall was that they did not have enough vegan variety in the store. They have more variety for order, but not in the store. They only had Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes with vanilla or mocha frosting. I would have loved to try their Red Velvet Cupcake. Yum! ~ Tasha Edwards

I recently attended a baby shower that served your cupcakes. I am a baker, and have done my share of cakes, but your frostings were exceptional. I cant get your cupcakes out of my mind. I may have to drive from Shelby Twp. to get my fix!! Awesome. ~ Cheryl Kutscher

OH. MY. GOOOOOOOOOOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love love love the cupcakes from the Cupcake Station!!!!!!!! They are ADDICTIVE!!!!!! Thank you Kim and the Cupcake station for satisfying our sweet tooth here at Salon U! ~ Girls at Salon U!

My Husband bought me "Cupcake Station" cupcakes for my birhtday this year (Aug 19th) and these are by far the best cupcakes I have ever had!! The Birthday cupcake was delish, and the Lemon Lust is a must!! Thanks for a great B-Day!  ~ Tina

Best cupcakes EVER! So thrilled you are in Plymouth!  ~ Julie Wiechman-Jarrett

The reviews are really great and the cupcakes look and sound incredible...setting up a shop in the UK anytime soon ? Please ? ~ Fran

Thank you for providing THE best vegan cupcake ever! I savored my first, more to quickly follow, Chocolate Vegan. Hopefully there will be more vegan choices soon? Thanks! ~ Bri

The Red Velvet and German Chocolate cupcakes are the BEST! :)  ~ Julie

Could someone please not make these cupcakes so addicting? I mean, I need a gym membership now but I am still gonna keep eating them all! ~ Tim

I recently moved to Denver from Ann Arbor and I can comfortably say that I miss Cupcake Station more than anything!!! ~ Danielle

Thanks for the most wonderful dessert on the planet! I am going to get them for christmas gifts! ~ Kim

I hosted a surprise birthday party for a friend thinking the resturant would have dessert. WRONG!! Luckily some other guests heard about your place and bought a "variety pack". OMG best dessert I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. My family has owned resturants for over 30 years with cannolli, tiramasu etc that flourish, and can honestly say, YOUR CUPCAKES RULE! Just dont tell my mom! ~ annie

Man, these are the best cupcakes Ive ever had. All the others can kiss my grits. The cake is moist the icing is finger lickin good, and the design are very neat! I cannot stop telling people about this place. I love it, I love it, I love it! ~ Sierra

We found Cupcake Station online while looking for things to do, besides hunt fairies, when we were in Ann Arbor looking at apartments and school. Our first trip here we took multiple cupcakes home and had a cupcake picnic. Talk about good. :) Now, when I go home to upstate NY, I make sure to stop at the Cupcake Station to take your special treats home. ~ Syracuse, NY

These are definitely the BEST cupcakes I have ever had and way better than Just Baked! They are so moist and fresh! I would travel from livonia any day for these! ~ Joel Bussey

I am so happy you have come to Plymouth!!! We stopped in for the first time last night. The service was great, and the cupcakes were FANTASTIC!!! I can honestly say they are the best cupcakes I have ever had, and you have a faithful customer for life.  ~ Mary Piekacz

Thank you! We bumped into Cupcake Station my mistake, and that is the most enjoyable error I ever made!!! Thank you for you vegan cupcakes! My son has severe food allergies to milk and eggs, and now EVERYTIME we have a party to go to we drive all the way to pick him up a special treat! One bite and you are hooked!  ~ Kristen T.

Best Cupcakes by far! My Fiance and I have been on a search for cupcakes for our wedding and we think we found our winner! We were at the Ann Arbor store today and we are in love! Thank you to the ladies that were working there today for the help! Yumm!! ~ Mo

The Cath Lab at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak was fortunate to win a "Cupcake Break" in December 2010. The cupcakes were a HUGE hit with everyone. They were really fresh and delicious and were enjoyed by all. Just wanted to say "thanks" again for the delicious cupcakes. The dept. likes them so much we continue to frequent the store on lunch breaks. ~ Ann W.

i have fallen in love with your tasty treats! the chocolate covered strawberry is my new addiction! i also keep a cup-a-cake with me in my backpack for cupcake craving emergencies! ~ Gina Carey

I have never... ever, had a better cupcake in my life! I was just at a baby shower that had Cupcake Station cupcakes and I could not believe how great they were! I dont even like frosting and I ate a whole somoa cupcake... and need it regularly in my life now. ~ Rachel

Mmm, we just discovered the Cupcake Station and are now addicted! Love all the amazing flavors, and new ones each month! Everything that is chocolate is amazing... :) ~ Jess

I love CCS Ann Arbor. Everything is always fresh and tasty. And now theres chocolate dipped cheesecake! ~ mike m

Just served cupcakes at a business meeting and they were a huge hit! Thanks for putting everyone in a happy state of mind! Susanne  ~ Susanne

I love that they have vegan options that are sooooooo delicious! It would be nice to see some of their fun, delicious looking cupcakes made vegan. ~ Alicia Marie

Dear Cupcake Station, we recently served a variety of your cupcakes during a birthday celebration. The birthday girl who is a regular customer of your store as well as others commented that the cupcakes were absolutely delicous. I doubt any one was more delicous than the other, but I heard quite a few moans from those who bit into the Bumpy Cake, Carrot Cake and Chocolate Chipper. I may order cupcakes for all my family functions so I can relax and skip the baking. Thanks Shirah  ~ Shirah

Yay cupcakes! My mom bought 6 different cupcakes, and I had to sample each one... she was mad when she found out that half of every cupcake was gone! Hehehe. ~ Tarah

The Cupcake Station is a great place to stop by and grab a cupcake with a friend. They are very delicious! ~ Stacey K.

My son and I stopped at your store after he had his appendix removed. He needed a little pick me up and your cupcakes did just the trick. They were amazing!!! Thanks making his world a little bit brighter during a not so pleasant recovery. ~ Pleasantly Surprised

I think this place is amazing and that Dakota guy that works in the A2 Cupcake station is friendly and upbeat which makes everything that much more of a fun experience =] ~ SkrillexToTheMax

I had a strawberry cupcake. It was amazing. I had never eaten any cupcake that tasted like that. I immediately looked the Cup Cake Station on the internet to find a location. I am hooked for life. Oh my goodness. Nothing but pure delicacy. ~ Leslie Jackson

Not only were the cupcakes a hit for the bridal shower, can thank them enough for staying open a 1/2 hour longer because I was late in arriving. Great cupcakes and fabulous customer service... ~ Connie

My coworker prank me on April 1st. Thinking I would be out for revenge she surprised me the next day with a two pack. All I can say is that these are the best cupcakes I have ever had! Me and my co-workers look for any reason to purchase them. If you are looking to make someones day special just bring them one, I promise they will thank you for days to come. K Taylor ~ taylor

I had the great opportunity to visit the cupcake station today in Ferndale. Not only was the service wonderful so was the Banana Pudding the very best I have had in a great while. Keep up the good work, and please dont discontinue the the pudding.  ~ Tee

Hello! I am a huge fan of your cupcakes and I frequent the Ann Arbor store. However, one thing has been driving me CRAZY! My absolute favorite flavor, the Snickers Cupcake, is only available one month out of the year! Is there any way you could give me a recipe (or even just the ingredients) of your Snickers Cupcake so I dont have to sit in my kitchen and cry for 11 months?? If not, I will understand, for I know many great culinary artists who simply cannot afford to let their secrets out. Please, Im on my knees, it is the most divine cupcake I have ever had and no other recipe Ive tried has come close! Thank you so much. -Laura Tanner  ~ Laura Tanner

Everyone loved your cupcakes! I have a child who is at Mott Childrens Hospital. She is recovering from her third open heart surgery. The nurses and doctors here are AMAZING. So, I figured they deserved a special thank you. I purchased your cupcakes to show them how much I appriciate what they have done for my daughter. The cupcakes were delicious. The doctors and nurses ate them up and raved about how wonderful the cupcakes were. Thank you for helping me say thank you! ~ Janel Lentine

I am in love with The Cupcake Station, but especially the Bumpy Cake cupcakes! I currently live out of state, and every time I return to Detroit I head to The Cupcake Station. I bring a few cupcakes back to the east coast each time, and that Bumpy Cake cupcake is like having a little piece of home with me - every bite evokes such wonderful memories.  ~ Patricia

Your "Rock Star" cupcake was a hit @ Fashion in Detroits after glow party Friday Night ! ~ Brad Thomas

My supervisor told me to go here and it was the best cupcake ever big ups. Im coming here for my reception.......the red velvet and german choc  ~ Melissa Davis

best cup cakes ive had!!!! someone brought them to to a hospital function I went back for a second one and they were gone,I looked for the box and found the label. ~ karen werth

We found cupcake station while looking around at the art fair. When we found it I didnt really feel like having a cupcake but when I had my first bite I needed to have more! Cupcake Station has the best cupcakes I have ever tasted! ~ Mary

I stopped in the Ferndale location yesterday and the pleasure of sipping the lime-aid and eating the best cookie of my life. The gingersnap with white chocolate was perfect in every way! Kerry was incredibly friendly and excited to discuss new recipes as I enjoyed the cool of the lime-aid and nibbled on my cookie. In this day and age of prepackaged, premixed everything it was a delight to meet a true craftsman loving what he was doing. Thank you for giving me a bright spot in my day. Liz  ~ Liz Gallardo

I walked into the cupcake station and tried the carrot cake cupcake, and it was delicious! I love all their flavors! ~ Stefanie Crawford

Seriously, the best cupcake place in Ann Arbor! The owner is very sweet and the cupcakes are delectable. They vibe homemade with a side of gourmet! The Bumpy is my favorite, but I recommend the classic dark chocolate with french buttercream as well!  ~ Elena

We served "Cupcake Station" cupcakes at our wedding in June instead of a traditional wedding cake. They were the best cupcakes I have ever eaten, our guests agreed! :) Soon we will be serving your cupcakes at my baby shower! I am so very glad that your delicious cupcakes have been a part of several special events in my life and look forward to continuing that tradition. Thanks Cupcake Station! ~ Amy Turri

OMG! My daughter bought me a Lemon Lust cupcake yesterday. I have never had anything so delicious! I will be back again and again. I guess I will have to walk to Ferndale so I can burn calories while I eat cupcakes. Thanks Cupcake Station and thanks Cierra! ~ Colette

OMG! this is my familys addiction! true, they are sorta expensive as soon as the smooth and sweet buttercream hits your lips, followed by the delectable, moist cake, all your worries go away! Seriously! I rave to all my friends how these cupcakes are the best thing since Jesus! My favorites are the Southern Red Velvet, Bumpilicious, Party Time, and Chocolate Covered Cherry. The frosting is AHMAZING! you guys sell the frosting shots but I would buy a bag! That would be like off the chiz!! Keep it up cupcake station!! ~ Maddie

I tried your cupcakes out for the 1st time when attending the Ann Arbor Art Festival this past weekend and OMG! The art was great but all I kept raving about back in Ohio was how great your cupcakes are and how we need one here in Cleveland! Yummy and keep up the good work. :) ~ Jocelyn

I LOVE your cupcakes! They are seriously the best things I have ever tasted. Your August ice cream sundae cupcake is to die for! I cant wail until I can get my hands on one again!! Hope you make this a year-round cake so it can join the shelves with all of your other delectable treats. I have never once had anything I was unsatisfied with! Thanks Cupcake Station! ~ Jeny


Ordered 100 cupcakes for my sons high school graduation party. We had an assortment of flavors and every cupcake was fresh and delicious. Friends were talking about the cupcakes weeks after the party. Thank you for making our day special. ~ Lisa

This summer I served over 175 cupcakes to our guests at my daughters wedding. Everyone loved them and they disappeared quickly. They were beautiful and delicious. The bumpy cake was the big hit! ~ Robyn

Ooooooooh my thank u for whomever brought this idea to life I drive all the way from detroit joy & evergreen to the your store in birmingham mi and it is well worth the drive because man ooh man these cupcakes are devine Ive had almost all of them and I have never been disappointed my favorite by far is the bumpy cake my god its bananas when u need a chocolate fix this is the one and the lemon lust is simply the best plz never close Ill die ~ Michelle

I love cupcake station! My best friend and I stopped by the Ferndale location after school, and ever since then Ive been in love with Cupcake Station. My personal favorite is Party Time! Keep up the good work guys and gals. Ill be stopping by soon. :) ~ Rae Higgins

Vanilla latte cupcake is the bomb. Hoping for a Cupcake Station on my side of the state (Muskegon). ~ Tammy

I have had the pleasure of tasting several cupcakes at the Cupcake Station, while I am a huge chocolate lover I must admit that the BEST cupcake I have ever eaten has been made by the Cupcake is a marshmallow cream cupcake that is simply to die for! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jennifer ~ Jennifer

I looooooooooooooove!!! the Banana Cream pie and the Lemon Lust. This is the best bakery in the metro Detroit area , the cupcakes are absolutely DELICIOSO!!!! ~ Jeanetta P.

Best cupcakes ever! ~ Kate Bernacki

my frriends and I o to the Cucake Sation all the time and all the cupcakes there are amazing but are favorite so far has to be the Bston Ceam! thanks for making down town plymouth a whole lot more fun! ~ Katie

Key Lime Cupcake is sinful and should be around all year long! I love it!!! ~ Pamela

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